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Our ambassadors are part of our "FAMILIA"!

This group is more than a team for us, it is a FAMILY. This is why this year we named our 2023 team "LA FAMILIA"!

At Tres Piñas we aim to encourage the spirit of endurance sports by celebrating community, pushing the boundaries of performance and aiming to get more people active and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

We are so grateful to have received an overwhelming response for our 2023 Ambassadors Program. We want to thank all the piñas that applied.

Our piñas are a group of athletes from all over the world and all levels that inspire, motivate and influence people to be the best version of themselves and FOLLOW THEIR DREAMS. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I apply if I am outside of the US? Yes, we have a worldwide team.

Is there a fee? Once selected, there is an annual fee. Returning ambassadors have a discounted annual fee. This covers the ambassadors package and yearly benefits for the team.

Do I need to be public on social media? In order for us to see your social media, you must have an active public social media presence.

Do I need to have a lot of followers? Although it is great to have a high social media following, we care more about your positive involvement in the community.

Do I need to be fast or win all the time? No, you do not need to be fast or the top percentage of your age group to apply for our team. We are an inclusive team and we cheer and support each other no matter what level we are.

Can I be part of another endurance team apparel brand? While we understand the athlete will wear other apparel brands from time to time, once accepted, they cannot be part of another apparel brand's team.

Can I still be part of a local non-apparel brand's club/team? Yes, we encourage you to be part of your local swim, cycling, running or triathlon club/team, as long as it is not an apparel brand team.

Is La Familia the same as Professional Athlete Sponsorships? Professional Athlete Sponsorships and La Familia will be handled separately by Tres Piñas. If you are a professional athlete seeking sponsorship, please contact our Professional Athlete Services Manager directly at

For other questions regarding La Familia, please contact

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