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About Tres Piñas Apparel

It's more than a brand, it's a way of living.


About Tres Piñas Apparel

Tres Piñas apparel was born out of a love for triathlon. Founder and 2x Ironman World Championship qualifier, Elise Portugal, came up with the idea while racing in Kona in 2016. The goal was to create high quality cycling and triathlon apparel that fit well and made you feel great. Tres Piñas apparel is dedicated towards achieving an athletic clothing line, not just cycling and triathlon apparel. Elise wants to add running and swimming - including some lines dedicated towards yoga.

Tres Piñas apparel is a family brand and represents a way of living. Our fun, bright and colorful designs represent what drives Elise and her families passion for sport. The brand allows people to express themselves in a fun and friendly way while feeling and looking great. We hope our designs remind you to always be happy, confident and enjoy life to the fullest.

About The Name

The name “Tres Piñas” translates to “Three Pineapples” in English. In 2016, Elise found a new love for Pineapples and loved the design. Each pineapple symbolizes on of the three disciplines in triathlon...Swim, Bike, Run. They also represent the loving relationship between Elise’s older sister Caroline, her younger brother Christopher and herself.