In 2017, Elise Portugal started Tres Piñas as a personal project, selling hats through Instagram and Facebook to her friends and family. It quickly became much more than that.

Aware that there was a lack of women-specific triathlon gear, she started creating high-quality apparel to help the ladies, of all shapes and sizes, to train in comfort and style, while swimming, biking and running.

Her passion and commitment pushed her even further, to developing a complete cycling and triathlon clothing line for both Men and Women and an innovating activewear collection that fit well and make you feel great.


For a lot of people, 2020 has been the worst year of their lives. Life as we know it came to a full stop due to the coronavirus pandemic and many other global events. For us, it was an opportunity to reflect on how much the world was changing and how we could learn and grow from this.

We wanted to refresh our look to reflect the bold, energetic and future-looking culture of our company. It expresses our dynamic team and community coming together, the integrity and quality of our products and services, and our distinct creativity. We are bound together by our love, passion and enthusiasm, and together, we’ll continue to push boundaries and keep growing.