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DREAMS COME TRUE: Tres Piñas, Empowering Women Through Triathlon

DREAMS COME TRUE: Tres Piñas, Empowering Women Through Triathlon!

Author: Becky McQuain 

Empowering women through triathlon” is what I typed into a Google search engine in 2019 when my nonprofit triathlon team was disbanding due to a lack of funds. Fortunately, for me, the Google gods were on my side and one of the first options was Tres Piñas, a triathlon brand I did not know at the moment. I clicked on the link and quickly fell in love with the bright, unique, and fun prints of their tri suits and gear. (Not to mention I have a huge soft spot for pineapples dating back to my middle school days; my AIM handle was pineapplenelly). 

Once I saw that Tres Piñas had an ambassador program, it became my number one mission. I’ll never forget my first workout and my first race in my Tres Piñas tri suit and how I felt like a superhero in it! My list of orders grew and I even had a couple of correspondences over email with Elise, founder of Tres Piñas. She was kind and helpful. Immediately I could tell she cared about what she was doing; she was making her dreams come true by constructing a new triathlon lifestyle.

I have always been passionate about sports in team settings, and even though triathlon is an individual sport, the need I had for a team did not change. I love being part of something bigger than me that makes me work harder by thinking of my teammates who are out there hustling. For me, Tres Piñas is not just the best triathlon gear, it is being part of something bigger than me that supports and cheers on others. I love being part of something bigger than me that is community over competition. In 2020 my dream came true of becoming a Tres Piñas ambassador! 

Over the years with the Tres Piñas family, I have had opportunities for friendship, support systems, and persistent encouragement. I have been able to chase things that ignite me. I have been able to do things that bring me joy. I have been able to surround myself with people who embrace me and make me feel like I am worthy and accepted. Tres Piñas is all about empowering women through triathlon!

I hope everyone finds what I have found in Tres Piñas. I am loved and accepted. I am surrounded by inspiration and encouragement. I am truly proud and humbled to have the opportunity to work with women who lift others up. My life is forever changed through the beautiful journey I have had with Tres Piñas. It’s a dream come true!

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You are an inspiration. Tres Pinas keep supporting athletes with their goals and dreams. And mustard gold I hear is the color of 2023???

Sarah Lucero

Becky, I love your story and I’m so happy we are in the Tres Pinas family together, the absolute best group of supportive women (& men) anywhere!

Adriana Martinez

Such an inspirational story Becky, we can all relate to it! Thank you for making this team and the brand so special and a family for all trespinas fans!

Cecilia Poveda

We are now a Family Becky! Dreams come true!

Candace Britt

Beautifully said Becky, and you truly are a joy and radiate women empowerment to all you encounter.

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