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Why Are You So Active?

AuthorMirta Ferencic 

I often get asked in a surprised way “why are you so active”, and to be honest, I think I should be the one asking back “why are you not more active?” I mean the benefits of being active are obvious, though I dare say that the first and by far most important benefit is in fact not the physical one, but rather the mental health benefits of exercise and overall fitness. 

The positive active impact fitness and regular exercise have on our mental health is just something else, and the reason I say this is because if you are feeling relaxed, happy, accomplished, and de-stressed, have a structure in your life (yes a fitness routine can help in that), you have already eliminated so many health issues... After all, exercise increases levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the brain, just like medications can. This ultimately helps us feel mentally healthy or sound - and if we are mentally healthy, our body is already halfway there! 

So the question is why are we still not active, KNOWING all the mental and physical health benefits of being fit- instead, we take the “easy way out”, we confine ourselves to a vicious cycle of passiveness, low energy, health challenges, low self-esteem, obesity issues, demotivation, moodiness….

Why, when there is so much life out there? Why, when we can live better - and by the way this goes for everyone, not just those who are unhappy with their bodies, I'm talking about everyone, skinny, fat, short, tall, old, young…

It's really more than just about looking good, or just being fresh and fit, it's about feeling good, increasing your longevity, living better, living fuller, happier, exploring more, being less stressed, and more at ease with yourself, which ultimately means a better relationship with those around you.

During these past two years, I’ve learned so much through fitness, I've changed my outlook on many things, I've improved the quality of my life and even good fitness has helped me achieve my own career success… 

I’ve literally felt on top of the world, accomplished what I thought was not possible, gained more confidence overall, felt more creative, established a wellness routine, found myself constantly reaching new heights trying to get better and better by setting new goals, and most importantly I feel like I’m in charge of my life and my health (as much as that is in my hands). 

I never truly realized how important fitness is, and the natural highs you get from it until I got "hooked" myself. It’s basically like a “legal high,” that is actually good for us. Now here's a pill every doctor should prescribe.

Some say healthy fitness routines are only possible in certain living environments. Or, perhaps you think fitness is not for you and you are completely content with your life, and that’s great! But to those of you who are not, those who feel more lows than highs, who struggle to “find your happy place”, balance, a healthy routine, or even a bigger purpose in life (or actually you feel you have no purpose in life), I promise you, fitness will help you in all those areas. 

Will it happen overnight - NO, it will take some time, dedication, and a strong will to stay consistent. But, rest assured, within a year you will no longer look back, you will be a transformed person, living life to the fullest, feeling proud for pushing yourself day in and day out. You are in control, it’s never too late, and there is always time, remember that!

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